Friday, February 10, 2012

Reticence -- A Love Poem

I need a brick to fill the empty face
your cunt left in my wall. The place
is falling apart. I haven’t slept in years.
I’ll fill the gap and paint the fence in crap
set house plants on it; topiary
sculpted to Ulysses. A pageant
of nic-nacs,  When

you return,
you will follow crumbs.
I’ve ripped up all my best
tee-shirts. Written dumb
haikus on em, tied
love notes like prayer flags
Hung bow-ties high and
lived among the elderberries

I’ll walk the town in house coats
wear slippers, slip bawdy notes
slip my toes in sloppy places, 
place your face in every mirror I find
I’ve broken.

Bob Putnam

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