Friday, February 10, 2012


Last night’s rental bed was 
wider than an ocean, my 
wife stranded by a hot flash
way over on the other side. I
woke up half past midnight
wanting comfort but was spurned by
climate change.

I walk sidewalks.
I am growing 
more invisible
with each step. I

food-less hearts of cities, 

groceries gathered 
to busier avenues. What
do you eat when
you are homeless?
Where do you go for food? 

No wonder
we are alcoholic

in this town were food stamps
trade at two for one. 
The liquor store
on Stone Street sells 
MD 20/20 for
two ninety nine.

This asphalt is
not as comfortable as
the Holiday Inn. Wide,
still warm, I roll
across the center line
drunk with dreams of being young. I
reach to find we are together, still
connected though the rest 
has come unwound.

Bob Putnam

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