Tuesday, December 27, 2011


the flowers—tiny white snowflakes piled on top of each other.  soft petals oversaturated with warm, burning opium.  four seeds star the middle and cackle.  it’s all so gentle.  so light.  like a fairy’s dream.  I am glowing.  The wind pulls me along in my flying hammock.  every once in a while, I hit a cloud, and it swallows me into its wet shadow.  the drops attach to my skin like leeches, and I pull them off to find my bleeding scars.  But no one can hear a scream from inside a rain cloud, so I have to save myself this time.  This time it’s finally possible.  This time I can use your power to turn my neuroses into witchcraft and your body into a toad.  I won’t hurt anyone else.  Just you.  because your foot taps too lightly and I just wanted to waltz.  But what just happened?  Something went wrong.  Negative energy still managed to sneak in the back door but I’ll turn it into steps and walk right through my gloriously holy light at the end of your wretchedly mind-numbing tunnel.

a moon drenched walk through a 1920s flashback.  the whole damn thing is conducted by the circus ringleader.  it’ll be a wonder if they make it out alive.

rapid musical fairies pour their glitter across the farmland.  bubbles and diamonds drench the cows and pigs, and they all grow wings.  some try to fly and fall.  others never turn around to notice them so they remain land-bound.  but the rest, the smart ones, move in with the birds and start taking notes.

you hold your beauty in your hand and nuzzle it with your cheek.  I’ve never seen you so gentle, so slow, so patient.  A young boy who refused to wait settles down and takes his time with the beautiful sadness.  a merman.  the magical weatherman.  whatever it is, it’s magic, and I doubt your spells are only for me, but they’ve definitely found their way into my energy field, and I have no weapon.  What is your power?  Distraction?  Independent provision?  It’s love for sadness...beautiful sadness.  like warm water when ice would burn your throat.  sometimes almost too low, but perfectly refreshing, given the moderate climate.  but right now, it’s way too hot, so I just feel too stuffed.  I’ve had my fill, thanks.

Close your eyes and reach with the faith that your fingertips will grasp whatever it is you immediately need.  Trust your own manifestation power combined with the knowledge of the multi-verse.  When you open your eyes and look for something, you lose everything waiting at your fingertips.  Acknowledge the fact that the system knows what I need better than I do, so reach out and grab what is being offered.  Trust everyone else’s magic, but most of all, trust your own.  As soon as you need something out of desire, it will not be found.  You cannot possess anything or anyone.  You have to meet in the middle.  Bend two points to exceed the speed of light.  Stop looking because it’s all happening way faster than that.  I met Peter Pan, and he wants you to know you have the power to create your own world and live in it.  Be mindful of the system, if only to use it for your own power.  The world is your wonderland...so open wide and eat what’s given to you.  Define your own witchcraft...your own magic, and wait for others to show you theirs.  It can’t be taught.  It’s intuitive.  It’s individual.  It’s between you and the multi-verse.  Brew your own potions and watch them turn your world into a magical playground.  Alice in Wonderland.  The indomitable will.  Meditate on the world, and you can control the energy.  The control is deep inside of you.  Can you find it?

Emily Calvin

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