Monday, December 26, 2011

standard anatomical position

i developed autopsy photos, acting as death’s hyperoptic 
eye. on my screen, a woman with an amputated right 
leg, cleaved just superior to the knee. her torso yielded a 
Y incision that began under each second rib, met mid 
sternum, and ended near the pubic synthesis.

her dulling husk was held together by taut thread which 
made the adipose erupt from the fissure, and push out like 
jaundice fingers from within her torso; the way a cicada 
emerges from its shell. her trimmed pubic hair showed 
that she had better plans than laying on surgical steel, naked, 
photographed, measured, and taken apart like an old puzzle.

i sat back, indenting my computer chair as my
breathing slowed and gravity doubled on me,  

jealous of all the attention 
she was receiving. 

Kyle Apgar

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